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The House celebrates its 130 years old !


At program:

11h00: Visit in our vineyard *
12h30: Picnic in the vineyard **
15h00-17h00: Jazz concert

Animations all day long: sabering demonstration, start of the press, gifts to win and other surprises...

20 €/people (picnic not included) - 30 €/people (picnic included)

* In case of bad weather, we will propose the winemaker's workshop
** In case of bad weather, the picnic will take place in the pressroom 
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Newsletter July 2018

Dear customers,

2018 is a particular year for the Champagne. Our vineyard is growing at an exceptional speed, announcing us premature harvesting because of the spring’s sun. In one week, the landscape became beautiful with his green coat. We have today two weeks early! Dense and numerous clusters on our vine stocks tend to remind us a fruitful harvest. We hope that the sun will continue throughout the summer to confirm our expectations and that our beautiful village of Hautvillers will stay far from thunderstorms which beat down on the French vineyard.

But let’s not stop at the vineyard, by this letter, we wish to thank you for the interest which you carried in our Champagnes during your stay in Hautvillers. By coming to our place, you allowed us to make live and make know our traditions and our knowledge. On this occasion, we propose we get a « Privilege club » which we set up this year. It will share with you special offers and some advantages.

Meanwhile, here’s  our news for the summer 2018: presentation of our new cuvée « Cœur de Pinots », animations of July and August and a date not to be missed: the birthday of our press !

Happy  reading  and see you soon in Hautvillers!

The Joseph Desruets team


Newsletter July 2018

Privilege Club

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Opening days : harvest time in our house of Champagne

The moment you wait all is arriving! After a long year of sleep, our press will return in activity. Next week, come in large numbers to find us in our press house rue Saint-Vincent in Hautvillers. A unique experience for you: discover a traditional pressing used since the 19th century, taste the juice of the harvest (amazing according to the grape variety:)) and, of course, taste our Cuvée and our new champagne : Prémices, ageing in oak barrels.
An unpublished moment to share with our family. We shall be delighted to welcome you and to share with you the most intense moment of our job.

For any information, contact us by e-mail (, phone (+33 3 26 59 40 13) or by facebook.

See you soon!

Photo :  Oeil de Fa

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Music and champagne!

Come at our press house this saturday 22nd July and sunday 23rd July to discover « Le lounge de Jo’ ».  A cosy space situated in our press house wher you could taste, from 11:00 am to 18:00 pm our champagnes and some coktails with champagne!

It’s a special event for this week-end where you can hear a concert of jazz with Marck-Richard Mirand, a great artist. A special occasion to take good time.

For any questions, don(t hesitate to contact us by mail at or by our Facebook page.

See you soon in Hautvillers!

Adress: rue Saint-Vincent, Hautvillers (51160)

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Our opening days are coming soon…

Our opening days during grape harvest approach. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to know the date. We’ll know a lot more in August after the maturation of the grapes!

 A major event in Champagne…

During the grape harvest 2017, the team of the champagne Joseph Desruets does for the 4th consecutive year her opening days. At the beginning of grape harvests up to pressing all of our grapes (7 days), come to discover a traditional press, passed from generation to generation since 1888. You could see the oldest press still in activity in Champagne: our Darcq Flamain in oak.

A new Cuvée !

A delicat blend of 50 % of Pinot Noir, of 40% Chardonnay and 10% of Pinot Meunier. Our new Cuvée was vinifies in oak-barrel for a period of 12 months. It has a deep golden colour, and a fine and powerful nose. In the mouth, the entry is supply and the tannins have a velvety texture. Its aromatic complexity, a witness of the beautiful maturity of the wine! An experience not to be missed!

Bring all of your friend!

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Opening of the « Lounge de Jo' »

The champagne Joseph Desruets changes his appearance! New atmosphere, new welcome, a new impetus for wine-tourism in Champagne to start the summer season 2017! Located rue Saint-Vincent in Hautvillers, discover a casual space animated for the local clientele and tourists. Take in the pretty view of the oldest press in Champagne still in activity (since 1888), to enjoy a glass of champagne or discover the mixology skills with champagne elaborated by our partner: MG Event!

It’s time to drink champagne and enjoy the life!

From Thursday to Sunday, 11:00 to 19:00.

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Perfect Christmas!

The weekend from 10th to 11st December, come in our press house, rue Saint Vincent from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to participate at our new workshop on the theme of Christmas.

Participate in our Christmas decoration’workshop (for kids and adults) and create your own Christmas tree and your own snowman in cork of champagne, or create your own garlands of stars with “muselets” of champagne.

For the amateurs, the novices or simply the curious, participate in our sensory workshop around the champagne: an initiation into the tasting ( olfactive and visual examination) including a presentation of the terroir of Hautvillers, grape variety of champagne and the explanations around the elaboration of our Cuvée.

More information by contacting us by mail ( or phone : +33 (0)3 26 59 40 13.

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Do you know the champagne’s spirits?

Fine of champagne, Ratafia of champagne, Marc of champagne… Do you know? On the occasion of #champagneday and throughout the weekend, we propose you a tasting of champagne’s spirits. In apéritif, in digestive, in a traditional recipe, discover the thousand and one flavours of these delicate nectars with wood’s colors. Further to your visit in our exploitation, they won’t have secrets anymore for you: origins, process making, pairings wine and food… Come in large numbers to meet us!

On this occasion, come to take advantage also of our space photo dedicated to Dom Pérignon, monk the most famous of the Champagne, the inventor of the champagne! In the program too, tou could visit our exploitation and taste our Cuvées!

From 21th October to 23th October 2016

11:am to 17:00 pm at our press house.

More information at or at + 33 (0)3 26 59 40 13.

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Harvest open house

The moment you wait all is arriving! After a long year of sleep, our press will return in activity. From Tuesday, September 20th until Sunday, September 25th, come in large numbers to find us in our press rue Saint-Vincent in Hautvillers. A unique experience for you: discovery of a traditional pressing dating the 19th century, the tasting of the juice of the last harvest (amazing according to the grape variety:)), photo workshop around our new attraction: Dom Pérignon and, of course, the tasting of our Cuvée and our new bottel : Sous Les Clos.
An unpublished moment to share with our family. We shall be delighted to welcome you and to share with you the most intense moment of our job.

For any information, contact us by e-mail (, phone (+33 3 26 59 40 13) or by facebook.

See you soon!

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A new medal for our House!

We are proud to announce you a new award for our Cuvée Reserve. After a golden medal in the « concours mondial de Bruxelles »,  we were also rewarded by a golden medal in the CWSA (China Wine and Spirits Awards). The CWSA is the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in China. ALL 100 the Judges are carefully selected for being the top BUYERS of wines and spirits for this market and are importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers’. Wines and spirits enter from 55 countries and are ‘blind tasted’. Suitable for wines and spirits already selling in the market, and also those wanting to sell to China.

This award consolidates us in our crazy idea, begun by Thomas, to export our wines at first in South Korea then to export it to the rest of the Asia.

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Who will be the next Dom Pérignon?

Do you know why Hautvillers is so famous in the world?

Hautvillers is well-known thanks to a monk called Dom Pérignon, who was equally famous and mysterious, and who used to live there. Dom Pérignon’s name is associated with the exploitation of the vines and the production of wines that contributed to the wealth of the monastery in the 17th century. More than a century later, due to sketchy sources and the lack of written evidence from the man himself, a legend developped around him as the inventor of champagne. After stopping up flasks of white wine with airtight corks made of bees’ wax, the tale goes that he thus caused a second fermentation to take place due to sugar flowing out. That was how the effervescence and the bubbles that are peculiar to the wines of Champange were allegedly born. The true genius of the monk resided in his ability to assemble the best grapes from different varieties of vines. His science, which is still admired today, is what put the abbey’s wines on royal tables and built their reputation for excellence.

Reference to this legend, we propose you a new activity in our press. We made a character in life-size of  Dom Pérignon. Your job? Take place behind the figurine and take a picture of you! Now, you are the creator’s new generation of champagne!

Have your cameras!

Share your pictures on social networks (Facebook, instagram, tweeter or Google +) by tagging it with #josephdesruets! The most beautiful photos will be shared on our Facebook wall 🙂

See you soon 😉


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Creative workshop

“ Creative workshop “

We suggest you to make your key ring with champagne cork in our House! Be numerous to come back with your reminder which will follow you everywhere!

July 29 th to July 31 st.

Opening from Friday to Sunday from 11a.m to 5p.m : Desruets Press House

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The vine, a meticulous work

You like champagne and you want perform your knowledge? Come to discover the job of the winegrower in pictures at Champagne Joseph Desruets Press House!

July 22 nd to July 24 th

Opening from Friday to Sunday from 11a.m to 5p.m : Desruets Press House

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Weekend rétro et vintage at Desruets Press House !

From June 17th to 19th, go backwards with the Champagne Joseph Desruets !

Programme: Exhibition of vintage photos, background music from 20’s to 50’s, discovery of the oldest press machine still in activity in Champagne, exhibition of our old car Citroën C4, visits, tasting and winemaker’s workshop !

All welcome !

From 11a.m to 5p.m at the press house Desruets, street Saint Vincent, Hautvillers (51160)
For more information: or +33 (0)

Partnership with Reims Connexion – Private driver:
Return package:
Epernay – Hautvillers : 15€
Reims – Hautvillers : 27€
Max 4 pers.
+33 (0)


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The House Desruets unveils its new cuvée !

Discover in exclusivity our new cuvée place known as « Sous les clos ». A cuvée originates from the blend of 3 traditional grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

Each grape variety comes from a Hautvillers land selected during the Harvest 2009 !

Be numerous to discover this cuvée in preview on next June 3th to 5th, from 11a.m to 5p.m at the Desruets press house.

At the occasion, all visitors will receive a discount of 10% for a purchase of the cuvée Harvest 2009 !

We organize a partnership with Reims Connexion – Private driver with exceptional prices ( +33(0)

Return Trip – Max. 4pers
Epernay – Hautvillers = 15€
Reims – Hautvillers = 27€

Contact us for more information : +33(0)

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From vine to wine…

From vine to wine… From May 13th to 15th and so May 20th and 21st, the Champagne Joseph Desruets opens doors to present you his press machine, the oldest still in activity in Champagne and an exhibition about the four seasons in the vineyard.

Each hour, start of the press, don’t miss the event!





On May 13th, 14th, 15th and 20th, 21st at the Press House Desruets from 11a.m to 5 p.m

85 rue de Bacchus – HAUTVILLERS (51160)


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Champagne & Art

This weekend, it is « Art in the street » in Hautvillers! On this occasion, we will be open from May 5th to 8th. Discover in our press house an exhibition of well-known artistic works and their parodies. But that is not all: tasting, demonstration of cracking open a bottle of champagne, visit of the house are on programme! Come in number!

On May 5th, 6th and 7th at the press center Desruets from 11a.m to 5p.m.

Sunday, May 8th from 2p.m to 5p.m.

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Champ’Asia on April 23rd and 24th !

We invite you at Champ’Asia to discover new savors by an other way ! Join us to discover pairings with makis&kimbabs and the king of wines : the champagne! Many activities will be suggest to you during all the day: winemaker’s workshop, children games, visit of the family company… We will be delighted to receive you with friends or family. Dishes on place or take-away! Contact us by phone, e-mail or by social networks for more information.

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Sparkling Easter !

It is with a lot of pleasure that we open the doors to celebrate the Easter weekend ! The most audacious can participate to the Winemaker’s Workshop, the most gourmands can marry flavors between champagnes and chocolate and finally the most creatives wiil have the possibility to customize eggs and corks.

Come here to have fun with your family or your friends and discover the oldest press machine of Champagne still in activity. A space for children will be create for the occasion.

We are waiting for you !

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March, from 11a.m to 6p.m at Pressoir Desruets, 85 rue de Bacchus, Hautvillers.

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Winemaker’s Workshop !

Join us to discover the Winemaker’s Workshop !

Thanks to this workshop, you will contribute directly to producing champagne with the machines that have been used by our family for several generations. We will be delighted to share our knowledge and traditions with you.

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Saint Vincent 2016 !

It is all together that, last Friday, January 22nd, we celebrated Saint Vincent, Patron saint of winemakers. This ceremony takes over the monks and winemaker’s invocations to protect their vineyards and their production.

Nowadays, the religious ceremony knew how to keep all of its folklore and traditions.

Extract of « Reading of the Winemaker »

« Lord, for this marvellous nature and the splendid vine; I tell you large thank you. That on the tables of the men, my wine is the human sign of the fraternal and merry divisions.

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Happy New Year !

Dear friends, Dear clients,

It is with a lot of pleasure and enjoyment that all the team of the House Joseph Desruets presents you theirs best wishes for the year 2016. That this one brings you the happiness, the health and the prosperity for all your projects.

We hope to receive you and share our enthusiasm during all the year 2016!

Kindest regards and Happy New Year everybody!

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