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With a terroir of exceptional wealth, a  rich  century-old expertise and  traditional  methods, the House Desruets have strived since the nineteenth century to produce  the  best champagnes.

On the cap

The word « Champagne »: the worldwide recognition that our products benefit fromOnly produce from the Champagne AOC (Protected Designation of Origin) can bear that name.

On the collar

  • The hibiscus is a reference to our origins, being the Korean national flower. To Korean people, it evokes perseverance and dedication.
  • The hibiscus releases streams of light, which symbolize the sun and cheerfulness. A reference to the zest for life that champagne brings.
  • Our coat of arms represents the core elements of our Champagne House and its history: the press, the hibiscus, the olive leaves (symbolizing community, friendliness and peace) and the date when the House was founded: 1888.

On the label

  • Above the label are the four elements of the Korean flag (water, fire, earth, and air) that symbolize the rigorous aspects of the vines.
  • « House founded in 1888 » : to emphasize our history of our Champagne House. Since 1888, five generations have handed down our manufacturing secret.
  • Hautvillers, the cradle of champagne, premier cru village. With this statement, we wish to honour the village and acknowledge its worldwide recognition. It is also recently registered as a UNESCO World Heritage for “Hillsides, Houses and Champagne Cellars”.