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With a terroir of exceptional wealth, a  rich  century-old expertise and  traditional  methods, the House Desruets have strived since the nineteenth century to produce  the  best champagnes.

Ratafia Champenois

The Ratafia de Champagne is an alcoholic beverage rich in sugar from a subtle blending between grape must and alcohol.

On the nose, you’ll find spicy and sweet notes which make the Ratafia ideal as an aperitif. On the palate, it reveals aromas of candied fruits and quince jelly. Often used for cooking to finish sauces and to accompany elaborate culinary delights, the Ratafia de Champagne will convince you of its worth.

18% vol.

Vieux Marc Champenois

The Vieux Marc de Champagne is an eau-de-vie made under the AOR (Appellation d’Origine Réglementée) rules. It is produced by distilling the marc of de-stemmed grapes only from Champagne vineyards.

The Vieux Marc benefits from a number of years of ageing in oak barrels. Its amber colour and its refined and powerful taste make the Vieux Marc a perfect after-dinner drink. On the palate, you’ll find aromas of chocolate and hints of vanilla with a long lingering finish

40% vol. (A.O.R)

Vieille Fine de la Marne

The Veille Fine de la Marne is also an eau-de-vie obtained by traditional distilling of wines derived exclusively from Champagne vineyards.

Its delicate amber colour and its fine woody aromas are the fruits of a long ageing in oak barrels. On the palate, the Vielle Fine reveals delicate floral and vanilla flavours. Smooth and round, its subtle bouquet enhances all dishes which it accompanies, whether savoury or sweet.

40% vol. (A.O.R)

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